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 I catalyze women who are searching for breakthroughs in their work and relationships and are currently feeling stuck due to big transitions in their life.  I assist them with creating the life of their dreams, dissolving blocks and limitations, and developing all the habits that enable them to really live powerfully. While working with me, my clients often experience deep, positive, meaningful transformations in the way they see themselves and their relationships.  In the space that I provide, they go from feeling despondent and stuck to feeling empowered and inspired, and easily begin embodying a higher version of themselves.

Here are the packages I offer:


Happiness Starter:


– Tap into your intuition to find your own answer

– Understand and resolve internal barriers to success and living your purpose

– Discover a career that fits best with your passion, intensity and uniqueness

– Work with greater intention, joy and fulfillment.

– Utilize the powers of breath, toning, and movement to embody the deeper vision of your life

Package sessions cost 320 dollars per month, minimum three month commitment.

Coaching sessions take place virtually by Skype or phone. Typically, sessions begin on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and go on at bi-weekly or monthly intervals. Support by email is available throughout the coaching process..



Breakthrough coaching package: 


Series of four one-hour sessions for women who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, on the edge of a great idea, ready to break through their internal barriers to a life of joy.

– Clarify your vision

– Identify any limiting beliefs that may be blocking you from taking action

– Engage your body

– Focus your mind

– Create movement in your life so you can Thrive

Four sessions cost 300 dollars

Ongoing coaching: 

Ongoing coaching for breakthroughs, and the implementation of courageous choices, decisions, steps and dreams.

Ongoing sessions cost: 80 dollars for each one-hour session, 120 dollars for a 1.5 hour session.

Women’s Discussion Group:

Once a month group coaching session for current clients who want to develop relationships with like hearted women who are doing inspiring projects. The group will be a place to brainstorm, open up to unique perspectives, get support in moments of difficulty, try out innovative learning methods, and celebrate all the successes, small and big.  Currently offered in Chicago, online groups coming soon.

Four month cost: $100

Please call me at 773 837 1828 with any questions or if you’d like to schedule an introductory session.



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“I love how Rossi skillfully guides me into experiencing profound breakthroughs(in perception) with her compassionate & thorough listening.  She takes the time to fully understand my situation, and then intuitively guides me into deeper understandings and refreshing outlooks.  I’m always impressed with how satisfied and ‘heard’ I feel after our sessions.  She has helped me navigate into deeper self actualization,  and has given me countless tips & tools to strengthen my relationship both with myself, and with my partner.  I’ve been coaching with her regularly for almost a year now,  and she has become a pillar of support to whom I know I can always turn.  I highly recommend working with Rossi.  Your life will be clarified & enriched!” Jennaia G.  Founder of Heart Space Studios.

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