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Rossi Dimitrova
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What is somatic coaching?


Somatic coaching is the process of bringing awareness to the language of the body and allow it to guide us to our truest inner knowing of what we want for our life and how we want to create it. It involves seeing the client as a whole person, more than their intellect, more than their capabilities … working with who they are as a whole, vital, interactive, living being; acknowledging we have been shaped over time, from birth (maybe before) onwards.

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Are you ready for a major breakthrough in your life, career or relationships? You are most likely at a crossroads in your life. Major transitions like an impending change of career, end to a major relationship, or an illness may have left you stuck and unable to envision a life and work that is joyful and makes you jump out of bed with excitement. I assist you in finding profound clarity, joy and creating freedom and new career opportunities that fulfill your deepest dreams and desires.


I work with creative, entrepreneurial and innovative people who are struggling with feeling stuck and not being able to branch out on their own or consistently create business growth despite all the effort and resources they use. By helping them feel safe within themselves and helping them develop inner resilience and clarity, I help them confidently go for what they want in their career so they can find the sustainable, nourishing work that they dream of.

About Rossi

I’ve been passionate about transformation since my yearly 20s, when I had experiences that shook me from my slumber and showed me that there is a whole other life of true freedom that is possible. I’ve gone through an unique somatic and presence based coach training, many career iterations, intensely studied eastern and western modalities which I seamlessly combine into one fluid system for gaining clarity and affecting change. My approach is grounded in mindfulness, compassion, deep listening, asking most insightful questions, powerful change methodology, and fully supporting you from the heart. I help you see how your work can truly match who you really are.

My clients find my work “life changing” and profoundly powerful. They experience breakthroughs in their work and relationships that they’ve dreamt about for years. It would be my honor to assist you on your path.


Is This You?

  • Are you a creative in a company and very much want to create the freedom of working for yourself on projects you feel passionate about? 

  • Do you struggle with lack of self confidence and feelings of doubt and frustration when it comes to your work? 

  • Do you have lingering beliefs around not being able to make it as an entrepreneur?

“I can’t stop talking about how important Rossi and her insight are in my life right now. I am grateful to have calm and clear voice to guide me when I am in the midst of the turmoil of life change. She has been helping me to concentrate on what I truly want to do with my life and not just follow my tendency to settle for something different that does not progress me towards my true desire and visions for myself.
I began working with Rossi at the beginning of the year to find a way to have a breakthrough in the area of my attitude toward money. She has worked patiently with me, exploring areas and topics that seem to be even more personal and spiritual than money itself. She has become both my Life Coach and my Career Coach. She shows me how to make choices based on what I want and what is best, showing me how to avoid settling for what is right here, right now. I find myself becoming more confident in my gifts and my life’s purpose, I have discovered a deeper self-understanding that allows me to understand and trust my intuition to guide myself and my organization in the proper direction, AND . . . since the first of the year my organization has received more than $11,000 in grant money from new sources.” Can’t stop talking about Rossi!

Diana Zwinack

Executive Director, Teen Writers and Artists Project & Project leap

“Working with Rossi and being exposed to her unique approach to coaching has helped me get to the heart of the matter. Her personal touch, training, life experiences and creative energy has opened my world to new possibilities and higher perspective, all while holding a safe and nurturing space. As I move through my life’s journey, it comforts me to know that I have Rossi as my coach. When I decided to invest in myself, I am truly thankful and grateful to have found a rare gem that has provided me simple yet effective tools for real change from the inside out. My big takeaway from our time together is, she asked great questions that helped guide me to discover my own answers. Truly a life changing experience that I highly recommend! She is my definition of a Life Coach.”

Stacia Ngoh


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